Do you attend a vocational school or technical institution and seek a place where you can complete your apprenticeship?

We offer apprenticeship opportunities in the store of your choice.

About programme

As a student with an apprenticeship contract of employment you will have the opportunity to:

  • Acquire the most recent knowledge in your profession
  • Learn from your Instructor and peers
  • Gain hands-on experience in a large company
  • Plan your career with us after your training

You will like the programme if:

  • You attend a vocational school or technical institution specialized in Commerce
  • You are interested in working in retail and you can look at things by our customers‘ eyes
  • You are eager to learn new things
  • You have an enthusiastic attitude and enjoy to work in fast pace environment
  • You are already thinking about the years after your education and want to leave school prepared for your career

Tempting rewards
and new friends.

We are a great team and we are not fond of any formalities

Every store is also a community. Everyone's welcome at Tesco

Cafeteria allowance & 10% discount on every Tesco shopping is our standard

Your performance and diligence will also be rewarded with extra gifts

How does the recruitment
process look like?

Online application

Don’t have a practical training place yet? We are the solution. Fill out our online form and Tesco Academy team will help you with the next steps.

Store application

Visit the store of your choice and start the application process in person immediately. Ask any of our colleagues on site to refer you to the Administrative assistant or Store manager.