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Tesco Careers


Since 2009

Tesco was the first retailer which introduced loyalty programme for the customers in 2009. Get your loyalty card and enjoy wide range of benefits such as collecting points for all purchases, special promo events for loyal customers or getting extra price discounts.


Since 2008

The fashion brand was introduced in Hungary in 2008.

It is currently located in more than 600 stores in Central Europe.

Tesco Careers

Self check-outs.

Since 2008

You don’t have to wait in the queue, scan your purchase yourself! 

Tesco financial services.

Since 2009

You don’t have to go to a bank to get a loan or get a credit card. We offer these and many other financial services in our Tesco stores in cooperation with Budapest Bank.

On-line shopping.

Since 2012

In 2012, we were the first to introduce online shopping in Hungary.

The service is currently available to more than 1.7 million customers who can take advantage of home purchases. We provide them with approximately 14,000 products in 178 municipalities.

Click and Collect.

Since 2012

You can shop on-line and pick-up your order in one of 14 Tesco stores. 

Scan and Shop/Scan and Shop Mobile.

Since 2016

Make your purchase even faster thanks to this innovation. Use either Tesco scanners or your smart phone with downloaded app and scan all the items while you do the shopping. Available in choses Tesco stores. 

Tesco Careers

Cooperation with Shell.

Since 2019

Tesco’s products are available at 19 Shell gas stations every day of the week! We provide an excellent selection for our customers at 7 Shell stations in Budapest and 12 in the countryside.

Own brand products.

wide range of our products including:


products for babies and kids

Tesco Finest

premium range of products

Pro Formula 

beauty products

Tesco Organic

wide range of products
in bio quality including
fresh food such as fruit
and vegetables

Tesco Free From

Pet Specialist

 Go Cook

kitchenware exclusively
sold at Tesco