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Peter Zelenák.

Current position: Manager of planning team

I’ve gone through 9 roles during my 14-year-long career at Tesco until I took my current role which is Manager of the planning team in our Distribution center. With my team we prepare plans for CE countries and look for opportunities for improvements.


Jack Cohen returns from war and starts a market stall
The name “Tesco” is born. It comes from the initials of T.E. Stockwell CO from Jack´s surname.
The first Tesco store opened in London
A rapid expansion - 500 new stores in 5 year
Expanding to Central Europe - Hungary
First hypermarket opened in Budapest - Pólus Center
First "green" store opened in Salgótarján
Cooperation with the Hungarian Food Bank Association since 2007 in order to support those in need
F&F was introduced
We’re launching online shopping
We’re launching Scan&Shop
Tesco started to be involved in food waste topic – the number has been decreased by more than half in two years.
Internal charity project Tesco Angel was launched, to support our colleagues in need.
Join us here Peter




plan your shifts based on your needs

Individual training and development plan

access to internal training activities, mentoring and buddy system

Meal allowances on electronic card

Loyalty reward

we value loyalty, you will get reward for every 5 years of your service at Tesco

Employee support program

all employees and those who live under their roof, have the opportunity to seek advice from an independent group of experts 24/7 in various topics, such as lifestyle, finance and law. They can make a phone call or write and email, either way anonymously

Christmas bonus

enjoy this reward for shopping at Tesco

Employee discount card

you will get 10 % off for every purchase at Tesco shops and also when shopping on-line

Back to school support

every parent with a first grader is provided a payed vacation day on the first day of school


on buying different products and services by chosen partners

All You Can Move sportpass

you will get a chance to have this card for special price and relax and do sports wherever you want

Being well

enjoy wide range of activities from the programme focused on your health and well being

Referral scheme

we reward referring a candidate to us by giving you vouchers for shopping at Tesco

Baby layettes

special gift basket for new moms and dads

Why to work
in Distribution.

Tesco Careers

Great team.

We know we are different, with different background and different lifestyles, but we support each other and it helps us to work better together as a team. Take part in our regular team breakfasts, celebrate collective success together, work anniversary and get outside of work to do some CSR activities.  


We create a work environment where we are accepting and welcome you regardless your different individual work patterns. Plan your free time and weekends thanks to predictable working schedule and take advantage of the possibility to adjust the schedule to sudden needs.

Tesco Careers
Tesco Careers


At Tesco we offer many opportunities for your growth, development and learning. You can choose taking opportunities within the same area, progressing upwards, or across departments, or move across Head Office, Distribution Centre or Store.

How it looks like
in our distribution.

What awaits you
during first 3 months.

First day
at Tesco.

  • You’ll go through induction training and welcome day
  • You’ll meet with your Buddy, who Is here to help you during your first months
  • You’ll meet your Line manager and the team
  • You’ll receive uniforms and all the tools you need for your job 

First 2 weeks.

  • You’ll agree on the schedule of shifts
  • You’ll receive the plan for the adaptation training
  • You’ll meet your People partner who is ready to help you

First 3 months.

  • You’ll participate in on the job training to learn everything needed for your job
  • You’ll regularly meet your Buddy and line manager
  • You’ll participate in few trainings and complete few e-learnings