Petra Neumannová.

Current position: Store manager

I’ve been with Tesco for 12 years, my career path was an exemplary one. I started as a shop assistant, then buyer, then I was trained for a manager and now I’ve been working as a Store manager of Expres.

I’m very loyal, Tesco is a matter of heart for me, as they’ve supported me a lot already twice in my life. The first case was, when I was searching for a job as a mother of 5 kids. I’ve been rejected in every interview. At Tesco it wasn’t an issue for anyone. Tesco gave me a feeling of extraordinariness, that even after 5 kids I can make it. The second case was, when I had a car accident and Tesco was waiting for me and kept my role. It was a sign that I’m respected and appreciated. I would recommend Tesco to others, because everyone can be who they’re – regardless of gender, age, education or background.

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