Putnoki Zoltán.

Current position: Store manager

It was a great happiness for me when it turned out that I will be a dad. I knew I needed to create a stable, secure background for my family and that’s why I applied to Tesco. I started as a Forefront Customer Assistant of Technical department at the company, but over time I wanted to get higher and higher up the ladder. Thanks to the development opportunities provided by the company, I managed to fill the position of Commercial Director in Szeged, and later I became a Store Manager. I had to commute a lot between family and work. Thanks to the flexibility of Tesco and the support of my supervisor, I managed to get my wife to settle in a small Tesco in Szeged and my little girl can go to kindergarten a few meters away. So, I no longer have to worry about work-life balance. Because of this I am very grateful for the company.

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