Tóth Gyuláné.

Current position: Goods Reciever

I applied to Tesco because I consider it a company with a stable background where I can feel safe. I started working as a Picker in the warehouse in Gyál then I got the license for a forklift. The atmosphere in the warehouse is very cozy, we maintain a good relationship with colleagues outside of work. There is a big cohesion between us, we can always count on each other. We often organize team building programs on days when no one is working in the warehouse. My bosses are very supportive and always encourage development. At their suggestion, I obtained the license for long forklift trucks, so today I can fill the Goods Reciever position. It’s a job with a lot of responsibilities where I move heavy weights with the forklift, but at the same time I really enjoy it because of its variety.

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