Várnagy-Böde Valéria.

Current position: Contractor Perfomance Manager

I have been working at Tesco for 18 years and during that time I have filled in no less than 9 positions. Through Tesco’s internship program, I started my career in 2003 as a Fresh Goods Director Trainee in the Győr store. I have been working in the head office since 2005, where my first position was Project Manager in the food field. I later worked in commercial sourcing and in 2012 was appointed Convenience Format Manager. My greatest appreciation also goes here, because at an awards ceremony, shop and regional leaders applauded my work. Following the convenience format, I filled in the position of Dry Goods and Fresh Goods Operations Manager. Since 2020 I am a Supplier Manager and belong to the asset sourcing team. There is a lot of cohesion between the teams in the office, we work well together. I really like learning and the opportunity for development really inspires me. The trainings provided by the company allow me to develop professionally and learn new things, so I have the opportunity to fill higher-level positions as well. I am very active not only at work but also in my private life. My little son and I spend a lot of time together, and I came back to the sport I played when I was a child, ballroom dancing. This form of movement relaxes me and gives me a boost that I can get the most out of at work.

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